Processing types

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  • Job processing
    • Processing types
      • Batch Processing
        • method of manufacturing where the products are made as specified groups or amounts, within a time frame.
          • Advantages
            • -Capital intensive         -Variety of goods can be produced by one machinery
          • Disadvantages
            • -Workers jobs can feel repetitive        -Storage costs can become high
      • Flow processing
        • a continues movement of items through the production process.
          • Advantages
            • -Capital intensive           -Economies of scale can be achieved as cost per unit will be low
          • Disadvantages
            • -High initial set-up costs of automated assembly lines -Standardised product produced
      • Mass processing
        • Advantages
          • -A higher level of efficiency can be achieved        -A higher level of precision
        • Disadvantages
          • -It requires a big investment in capital and technology      -Employees can become demotivated due to their work being repetitive
      • Cellular processing
        • Involves the use of multiple stations in an assembly line fashion. Each of these stations is composed of one or multiple different machines which accomplish a certain task
          • Disadvantges
            • -  may not allow firms to use their machinery as intensively as in ‘flow’ production, and output will be lower than mass production as a result.           -greater investment is required in new management and control processes, such as stock ordering
          • Advantages
            • -Reduction in set up time      -Reduction in work progress
    • Individual 'one-off' or unique items made to customer specifications.
      • Advantages
        • -Emergency machinery is easy to access           -Higher quality and authenticity
      • Disadvantages
        • -Cost of production are high                -time inefficient


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