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  • Privation
    • Harlow
      • Researched privation in infant monkeys, when raised in cages without their mother or a caregiver.
        • The monkeys were terrified and then put with other monkeys.
          • aggressive behaviour was displayed and no socialisation
    • Curtiss
    • Koluchova
      • This was to investigate the recovery of twins who had suffered extreme privation
        • Identical twins found in Czechoslovakia ages seven. Had been kept together in the cellar.
          • Their mother died and the twins lived in a care home for 11months then lived with their aunt.Then went to live with their father and his new wife.
            • The new wife isolated them into the cellar. They were found with poor speech, fearful physically abused.
              • Despite extreme privation the twins recovered and are cognitively  able.


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