Primary precepts Natural Moral Law

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  • Primary Precepts+ Secondary Precepts
    • The Preservation of Life
      • No abortion
    • Advancing Knowledge and Learning
      • Go to school and educate yourself
    • Interior Acts
      • Acts which intentions are selfish: such as giving to charity for fame
    • The Worship of God
      • Pray and go to church
    • Human Procreation
      • No contraception used
    • Living Peacefully and Harmoniously
      • Establish Justice
    • Exterior Acts
      • Acts done; such as giving to a charity
    • Eudamonia
      • Using the PP means we can follow the secondary precepts, this results in human flourishing
    • The telos for Aristotle was a fulfilled happy life
      • Aquinas developed this as he believed God was the most perfect + fulfilling telos
      • "Our ultimate end is unrelated good, namely God, who alone can fill our will to the brim because of infinite goodness.” 
    • Secondary Precepts
      • Applying PP to real life situatins
      • We use our reason to apply the precepts
      • Can change by ‘addition’ when we add something eg abortion is wrong except to save a mother’s life
    • Synderesis
      • We can't sin deliberatley
      • We are born w/ an innate sense of what is good
      • We can use our reason (God-given) to understand and use the design imprinted naturally


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