Mr Darcy & Family

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  • Pride and Prejudice - Mr Darcy & Family
    • Mr Darcy
      • Easily offends people but isn't always intentional
      • Generous with money and in spirit
      • Wealthy aristocrat
        • From a respected family
        • Rich, powerful
      • Proud, haughty, strong sense of honour and virtue
        • Shy and proud, mistaken as arrogence
        • Well mannered, gentlemenly
        • Loyal and kind
      • Because of Lizzy's refusal of his proposal she helps him see the faults of his pride and prejudice
        • Loves Lizzy deeply
    • Georgiana Darcy
      • Darcy's sister
        • Great love and affection for her brother
      • Quiet, shy, amiable, good natured
      • Gets on with Lizzy
        • They become friends after she marry's Darcy
      • Bingley's sisters hoped they would get Bingley to marry her
        • To unite toe fortune of the two families
    • Lady Catherine De Bourgh
      • Extremely wealthy
      • A bully, rude and insensitive
      • Conscious of class differences
        • Attempts to prevent Darcy from marrying Lizzy
        • Higher social standing
      • Likes to let others know of their inferiority
      • Loves to hear flattery from others
        • Hates to be contradicted
      • Austen develops her character to reflect the worst attitudes of the upper class
      • Over bearing nature has made her daughter weak and timid
    • Miss De Bourgh
      • Frail, weak, sickly
      • Speaks little
      • Good natured
      • Wanted Darcy to marry her
      • Extremely pampered by Lady De Bourgh
    • Miss Younge
      • Georgiana's governess
      • Bribed by Darcy to tell him where Lydia and Wickham were
      • Conspires with Wickham to get Georgiana to elope with him
      • Lacks moral sense
    • Colonel Fitzwilliam
      • Cousin of Mr Darcy
      • Pleasant, amiable gentleman
      • Companion to Lizzy during her stay with the Collinses
      • Tells Lizzy she must marry someone with a large fortune


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