Presentation Features

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  • Presentation Features
    • heading/ sub heading
      • These should be in consistent font styles, sizes and colours.
    • layouts
      • This includes the page layout or the positioning of text, tables, images or animation within a document.
    • use of white of space
      • Lots of empty white spaces can make a publication appear incomplete or uninteresting, whilst an over-crowded document can detract from the message.
    • font type and size
      • Something which is going to be displayed on an interactive whiteboard may require a larger font than text used in a leaflet.
    • bullet points
      • Bullet points will help get a short and meaningful message across to the audience.
    • colour
      • the colours have meaning to them also it shows how attractive the article or the source is is and what kind of colour is used
    • tables
      • Tables are a useful method for organising information
    • text wrapping
      • This feature enables text to be positioned around an image or table.
    • line spacing
      • Line spacing is the blank space between lines of text. Double line spacing makes text easier to read.
    • image
      • the image is telling you what the source is telling you with the colours
    • caption
      • makes you understand what the image is saying


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