Prejudice and Discrimination

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  • Prejudice and Discrimination
    • Causes
      • Parental Influence
      • Personal Experience
      • Lack of Understanding
      • The Media
      • Fear
      • Victim of Prejudice
    • Types
      • Religious- dislike due to different religions
      • Sexism- dislike due to gender difference
      • Racial- dislike due to race and skin colour
      • Ageism- dislike due to different age
      • Disability- dislike due to different disability differences
      • Homophobia- dislike due to different sexualities
    • Key Words
      • Prejudice- to dislike someone due to their race, religion etc.
      • Discrimination- to pick n someone because of a difference
      • Stereotyping- to assume someone is a certain way because of their appearance social class etc.
      • Scapegoating- blaming certain groups for problems in society
      • Positive Discrimination- members of minority groups are given preference over members of majority groups
      • Lifestyle- the way people live affects their values and attitudes
      • Tolerance- respecting the beliefs and practises of others
      • Justice- bringing about what is right and fair
      • Harmony- living peace with others
    • Christian Beliefs
      • Quotes
        • "From one man, God made every nation of men"
        • "Love one another as I have loved you"
      • Teachings
        • Everyone was created by God, has special VALUE to him and unique
        • JC befriended victims of P&D and treated everyone with respect
        • HOWEVER women are not allowed to be priests in RC
    • Muslim Beliefs
      • Quotes
        • "Allah loves the fair minded"
        • "Whenever you judge, judge with justice"
      • Teachings
        • Islam = Peace
        • Allah created us all equal
        • Hajj- all wear white = equal
        • Men and Women pray at different times + women can't be an Imman
    • Religious Believers
    • The Law
      • Sex Discrimination Act 1975
      • Race Relations Act 1976
      • Disability Discrimination Act 1995
      • Equality Act 2006
    • Effects and Case Studies
      • Genocide (Holocaust + Rwanda)
      • Ethnic Cleansing
      • Stephan Lawrence stabbed to death by white youths
      • Feel vulnerable, frightened and worthless


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