Prejudice and Discrimination

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  • Prejudice and Discrimination
    • Definition
      • To prejudge someone and treat them differently.
    • Effects
      • Depression
      • Violence
      • Anxiety
      • Negative self concept
      • Low self esteem
    • Key Words
      • Positive Discrimination
        • Treating a group of people favourably
      • Discrimination
        • Treating someone badly and unfairly
      • Stereotyping
        • A simplified negative image of people and applying it to a group
      • Prejudice
        • Thinking badly of someone because of the group he/she belongs to.
      • Ignorance
        • Lack of education that breeds prejudice
      • Tolerance
        • Respecting the beliefs and practices of others
      • Justice
        • Making something fair and just
    • Individual Responses
      • Martin Luther King
        • He used his belief in Christian teachings such as “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” to encourage peaceful protests
        • 1000s gathered to hear his “I have a dream” speech. As a result segregation was outlawed in the USA.
      • Gandhi
        • He believed in non-violence and used peaceful methods to fight racism and segregation in South Africa and India.
        • He held marches, demonstrations and processions demanding fairness for all people.
        • He encouraged non-violent mass civil disobedience. He believed that the only way to treat people is to love them.
        • Although Gandhi came from a rich family he dressed like a poor man to show his belief in equality and peace.
      • Desmond Tutu
        • He campaigned in South Africa to breakdown the system of apartheid.
        • He put Christian teachings, such as “Love your neighbour” into action. For example, he led peaceful marches and protests. 
        • He said South Africa should have a “rainbow people of God”. Apartheid was legal until 1994.


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