Prejudice and Discrimination

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  • Prejudice and Discrimination
    • keywords
      • Raceism
        • to discriminate against someone because of their race
      • Ageism
        • to discriminate agaist someone because of their age.
      • Pacifism
        • Everything should be setteled peacefully
      • Victim
        • A person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of crime
      • Stereotyping
        • A wrong understanding about someone and getting a fixed idea about them
    • What is prejudice and discrimination?
      • To pre judge someone and treat them unfairly or differently.
    • Effects
      • Separation of black and white people
        • lack in education for those being discriminated against
          • leads to no job
            • which leads to poor living conditions and poor health
          • poorer health care for those being discriminated against
      • Violence
    • Sexism
      • The attittude that one sex is better than the other.
        • Men are better than women
          • Because women are seen as mothers and objects of mens sexual desire
            • Woman have more suitable jobs because of their maturnal instinct
              • This created Male orientated jobs
    • Responses to prejudice
      • Martin Luther King
        • He gave a famous speech 'I have a dream'
          • he encouraged black people to not use public transport.
            • They lost lots of money
              • and eventually gave them equal rights on public transport
    • Indevidual response
      • Muslim
        • All are created equal. Life is sacred and should be protected
          • 'All Allah's creations are his family'
          • 'Everyone is equal like the tooth of a comb'
      • Christian
        • God created people in his own image
          • Everyone is equal
          • 'There is no such thing as Jew and Greek...male or female, you are all one in Jesus Christ'


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