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  • Prejudice and Discrimination
    • Quotes
      • Islam
        • Mankind, you were all created from a single pair -Q
        • Cling firmly together and do not be divided -Q
        • Allah loves the fair minded - Q
        • Allah does not look at your outward appearance, he looks at your hearts and your deeds.
        • Whenever you judge  should judge, you should judge with justice
      • God made one man from every nation of men -B
        • Love one another as I have loved you
      • Love your neighbour
      • There is neither Jew nor gentile, slave nor free, male nor female for you are all one in JC -St p
    • Examples of people who fought against
      • Desmond Tutu, fought against  apartheid
      • Mahatma Gandhi, segregation in India
    • Types of religious believers
      • Fundamentalists: follow Bible word for word
      • Liberals: incoperate religious beliefs into every day life but modernize beliefs
      • Extremists: a person who holds fanatical views, usually beyond the normal and who resorts to extreme action
      • Moderate: average type of believer who will generally follow religious beliefs/ traditions
    • Women priests
      • change can be good, we should move with the times
      • against the law to be sexist
      • There are very few women in Bible mentioned
      • Jesus didn't have female disciples
      • In tradition men have always been leaders of Church and we shouldn't change if it works
    • Causes and effects
      • ignorance : easier to stereotype someone than learn about them
      • Parents affect how child is brought up, views are shared
      • Media: often reinforces stereotypes through film etc. However the media can sometimes show certain groups in + light
        • antisocial, missing school, less friends
      • Experience may mean that person believes all people of that group are the same
        • Bad grades, violent behaviour
          • Untitled
        • worthless, unprotected
      • fear can mean someone may victimise against the group because they are uncertain
      • Victim: may be prejudice against others because they have been discriminated against
        • Might join group e.g. kkk, murder genocide
      • scapegoat: particular group is blamed for issue, giving people a reason to discriminate
      • Stereotype: when a person has a particular view of person annd applies it to everyone within group


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