Prehistoric Medicine Summary (OCR A - Medicine through time - GCSE)

This is a simple spider diagram of Prehistoric Medicine before Egyptians times. It includes virtually all you need to know for the exam in the Prehistoric section , if there is a question on it.

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  • Prehistoric Medicine
    • hunter-gatherers
      • Life expectancy 19-25 very low
      • They were nomadic and moved around all the time
      • No written language so could not properly record findings
    • Supernatural Explanations
      • Evil Spirits - accidentally entering the human body
      • People putting a curse on others and making bad spirits enter the body
      • People losing their own spirits - usually because of a curse
    • Super Natural Treatments
      • Chanting/dancing into a trance-like state , sometimes. and the medicine man would go into a trance to get rid of spirits
      • Charms given to people to ward off evil spirits
      • Herbal remedies
      • Trephining - boring a hole into the skull to ward off evil spirits (95% death rate within 3years)
    • Herbal Remedies
      • Plains Indians used squaw root to relax uterus during childbirth
      • Form of aspirin used to act as a painkiller/relieve inflammation
      • Treatments of injuries - mud/splints of wood to mend broken bones.


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