Prehistoric Medicine

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  • Prehistoric Medicine
    • Archaeology and Medicine
      • Indications that they believed in a spiritual world
      • Illness was blamed on evil spirits
      • They were mostly nomadic hunters
      • Gatherings of family groups would've allowed ideas to be shared
      • Lack of writing and big gatherings would have made medical progress slow
      • Some tools made of stone and flint have been found, showing there was some kind of surgery
      • Main kind of surgery was trephining
      • Some bodies showed that some people did survive trephining
    • There was no writing so there is nothing to say what they believed
    • Ancient Health and Beliefs
      • According to evidence the setting of broken bones was used
        • As well as bandaging
      • Witch Doctors, Shamans and Medicine Men
        • Said to be able to cure and inflict disease
      • Preventative methods like rituals and sacrifices were used to ward off evil spirits


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