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  • Postmodernist
    • Intro
      • Its based on the change from modernism to postmodernism
      • Modernity was about you knew who you are
        • Community life, social class, family
      • Now postmodernist is based on the idea that you create who you want to be
        • Individualism, identify, family diversity
    • Diversity and fragmentation
      • more cultures and lifestyles. people can pick and mix and choose their identities
    • Rapid social change
      • New technology has dissolved  old boundaries of time and space (family time). It has reshaped our habits
        • There for family life is less stable, but also give individuals more freedom
          • more cultures and lifestyles. people can pick and mix and choose their identities
    • Family- Stacey
      • Greater freedom has benefitted women.
        • They are free from patriarchal oppression and free to shape their family arrangements to meet their needs
      • Silicon valley: women rejected tradition roles, got better qualifications and created families that suited their needs
    • Choice and equality- Giddens
      • The pure relationship
        • Laws, religions and social norms no longer hold people together
        • People no longer stay together for the sake of the children. It's based on each persons needs
      • Same-Sex couples
        • They are able to develop relationships based on choice rather than traditional roles
        • More democratic and equal
    • Negotiated families- Beck
      • Greater gender equality= challenged male domination
      • Greater individualism= people actions are influences by sea intreats rather than obligation
    • Criticisms
      • Smart & May; theory exaggerates how much choice people have
      • Decisions are still contrasted and governed by the social context


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