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  • Postmodernism
    • Lyotard (1992)
      • We are now  living in a society which is dynamic and fluid
        • This is because of the collapse of   Metanarrative, resulting in a plurality of narratives presented in society
          • The Decline of Metanarratives:The loss of the idea of "history" as a continuous, linear 'narrative' (a clear sequence of events, each of which follow logical from the one before), is indicative of the argument that, in the post-modern world, meta-narratives are in decline.
          • They all coexist and are seen equally valid
      • We may even take a  pick and mix approach, selecting those elements of different faiths that apple to us
        • Ending up with what Madeleine Bunting calls a DIY cocktail
    • Evaluation
      • A multi-faith society does not necessarily mean that  each  religion wwill be seen as having equal status
        • For example- Most people in the British population identify themselves as christian, suggesting that Christianity is still the dominant religion
      • It fails to recognize the control that religion continues to exercise over certain groups in society


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