Populations and ecosystems

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  • Populations & Ecosystems
    • Ecosystems
      • More or less self-contained functional unit in ecology made up of all the interacting biotic and abiotic factors in a specific area
      • Two major processes: the flow of energy through the system, the cycling of elements within the system
      • Within an ecosystem, there are number of species
        • Each species is made up of many groups of individuals that together make up a population
    • Populations
      • A group of the same species that occupy the same habitat at the same time
      • Populations of different species form a community
    • Community
      • The organisms of all species that live in the same area
    • Habitat
      • The place where an organism normally lives, which is characterisedby physical conditions and the species of other organisms present
      • Within each habitat, there are smaller units, each with their own microclimate,called microhabitats
    • Ecological niche
      • All conditions and resources required for an organism to survive, reproduce and maintain a viable population
      • Includes all biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) conditions
      • No two species occupy the same niche
    • Ecology
      • The study of the inter-relationships between organisms and their environment


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