Population Change and Sustainable Development

What are the main principles of sustainablity in relation to population change?

Refers to AQA AS Geography (Chapter 5 - Population Change)

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  • Population Change and Sustainable Development
    • Stockholm Global environmental summit 1972
      • Environmental Objectives
        • Maintain ecological processes
        • Preserve genetic diversity
        • Ensure the sustainable utilisation of species and ecosystems.
    • Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
    • Economic Sustainability
      • Considers the ability of economies to maintain themselves when resources decline or become expensive, and when populations dependent on those resources are growing.
      • According to international summits (Rio 1992, Johannesburg 2002)
        • The right to development must be fulfilled to meet equitably the needs of present and future generations.
        • All states should accommodate in eliminating poverty in order to decrease disparities in living standards.
        • The special needs of developing countries, particularly the least developed and environmentally most vulnerable, should be given priority.
        • Unsustainable production and consumption patterns should be eliminated and appropriate demographic (e.g. population) policies should be promoted.
    • Environmental Sustibility
      • According to international summits (Rio, Johannesburg etc.)
        • People should be at the heart of concerns regarding development.
        • Laws should be enacted regarding liability for pollution and compensation
        • States should pass on information about natural disasters and notify neighbours of any foreseen and accidental consequences of their own activities that might cross boundaries


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