human geography- population

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  • population
    • declining population
      • smaller families
      • greater use of contracepion
      • higher female literacy rates give women more opportunities
      • women marring later and having careers
    • effects of overpopulation in rural areas
      • not enough schools
      • not enough land
      • inadequate health services
      • lack of clean water and sanitation
      • food shortages
      • deforestation
      • overgrazing and over cultivation
    • effects of overpopulation in urban areas
      • overcrouding
      • unemployment and under employment
      • growth of shanty towns
      • traffic congestion
      • overcrouded schools
      • problems of waste disposal
      • inadequate health services
    • lower birth rates
      • better education for all
      • higher litracy
      • later age of marriage
      • improved healthcare lowering infant mortality
      • better employment prospects
      • rising living standards
      • family planning information and advice
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