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  • Poppies
    • Form
      • First person and direct address
      • Connectives
      • Unclear time frame
    • Context
      • Commissioned by Carol Ann Duffy in response to present day conflicts
      • Weir wanted to let the reader decide for themselves what the poem was about
    • Quotes
      • "before Armistice Sunday...before you left"
      • "individual war graves"
      • "spasms of paper red"
      • "disrupting a blockade of yellow bias binding around your blazer"
      • "run my fingers around the gelled blackthorns of your hair"
      • "released a song bird from its cage"
      • "leaned against it like a wishbone"
      • "the world overflowing like a treasure chest"
      • "my stomach busy making tucks, darts, pleats"


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