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  • Poppies
    • Imagery
      • "Bandages" and "red"
        • Establishes an idea of blood and bandages (red and white) red comes from the poppies and shows a coexistence between blood and bandages
          • Representing where there is pain there is healing-mother trying to adopt this ideology
        • where there is pain there is healing
          • "later a single dove flew from the pear tree"
            • peartree symbolises immortality (fruit for decades) the dove symbolises peace. The image represents the mourning of a mother - setting the bird free was her way of coping.
      • "spasms of paper red disrupting a blockade of yellow bias binding around you blazer"
        • blockade - meaning to seal yourself off from others. This correlates to the idea of isolation - could represent the mental isolation of a mother
        • blockade could be the barricades of a battlefield, the red could represent the bloodshed on the battlefield
    • structure
      • Weir is a textile designer and poppies mirrors the process of making felt
        • the first stanza shows the first layer of mother showing an image of school
        • The second stanza shows a new layer of a mother. we are shown the intimate memory between the son and the mother.
        • The last stanza sees the parallels between the first stanza and the last one which is much like the process of making felt where the first layer of cotton is layer in parallel to the last
          • cyclical structure starts with school and ends with school
      • Dramatic  monologue - rhyme would seem to lively in a solemn piece about love and loss
      • Multi sensory explosions due to integrated textile language
    • religion
      • "blackthorns of your hair"
        • religious connotations of Jesus and crown of thrones - sacrifice of a soldier to save others
      • Semantic field of immortality
        • repetition of a dove throughout the last two stanza
        • ornamental stich - chain stitching representing infinity
          • pear tree representing immortality as it is the fruit of the decades
    • Glamorisation of war
      • "treasure chest" "intoxication"
        • makes war sound like an escape which is ironic because in war you are really trapped
        • treasure chest - child like fantasies dont know whats in the chest until you open it
        • treasure chest makes war sound like an adventure
          • could  show the ignorance of a young child mirrors the ignorance of a soldier running head first into war thinking it will be an adventure
    • Mother as a soldier
      • domestic and military language integrated with one another
        • "sellotape bandage" "I was brave"  "reinforcements"
          • I was brave shows the internal  battle of letting the son go
          • reinforcement - when talking about gloves and scarfs. shows the struggle in every day life of trying to set her son free
        • Leads us to question what the definition of a soldier actually is. broadens our stereotypical view of a man in camouflage with a gun
        • constant blend of military and domestic language shows that with everything she does she things about war and loss - constant state of purgatory




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