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  • Polymers
    • The properties of polymers depend on what they're made from and the conditions that they're made in
    • Strong covalent bonds hold the atoms in polymer chains together
      • The bonds inbetween the chains determine the properties of the plastic
      • Weak forces
        • Individual tangled chains
        • The chains are held together by weak intermolecular forces
        • The chains can slide over each other
        • Thermosoftening polymers  have forces that are easily overcome
          • When cooled, they harden into a new shape
          • Can be remolded as many times as you want
      • Strong forces
        • Strong intermolecular forces inbetween chains
        • The forces are called crosslinks
          • Hold the chains firmly together
        • Thermosetting polymers have crosslinks
          • Hold the chains together in a solid structure
          • Polymer doesn't soften when heated
    • Polythene
      • High density
        • Made at lower temperatures and pressures with a catalyst
        • More rigid than low density polythene
        • Used for water tanks and drainpipes
      • Low density
        • Made at 200 degrees under high pressures
        • Flexible
        • Used for plastic bags and bottles


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