Criminology - Pollock

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  • Pollock, 1950, "The Criminality of Women"
    • physiological nature
    • personal characteristics/ personality are specific causative factors
    • crimes committed
      • shoplifting
      • theft
      • abortions
      • perjury
    • under reporting due to male embarrassment
      • idea of chivalry
    • women become vengeful during mestrual period
    • chivalry on the CJS had women treated differently
    • influence of hormones and generative phases
      • pregnancy, period and menopause
    • hidden crimes are committed by women
    • women are inately deceitful and commit undected crimes
      • men have erections and can't hide it and women can
      • deceitfulness comes from passivity in sex
    • based on sexual motives and mental illness
    • ignored economical, racial and social factors
    • women had a desire to be men
    • CJS treated women on stereotypes and bias
      • weren't convicted as harshly
    • commit as much crime as men, it is just hidden


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