Political Parties

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  • Political Parties
    • Losing Support
      • Those who solidly identify themselves with one party is in decline
        • 2013 Democrats had 28% Republicans had 23% and Independent had 46%
    • Candidate Selection
      • Chosen by party bosses or caucuses - local party leaders
      • After the 60s the introduction of primaries meant that voters could choose candidates
    • Campaign Organisation
      • More split ticket voting where voters ignore party label
        • In 2012 New Jersey voted for Democrat Obama for President but one year later Republican Chris Christie as State Governor
      • Candidate centered election organisations who fight for individual candidates rather than their party
      • More media dominated so direct communication between candidate and voters
      • Candidate centered campaign more than the party label - Obama V Romney
      • Super PACS rise money for individual candidates independently
    • Deciding Party Policy
      • This is now done by the Candidate but is still largely ignored
      • Party Platform drawn up by the path committee at the National Convention
    • Party Discipline in Congress
      • Single issue pressure groups who focus on one policy area and whose supporters are more committed
        • Pro life groups and anti immigration groups
      • Bi-partisanship from the 50s-70s when voting patterns weren't strictly along party lines but each party divided on issues and there was even some degrees of co-operation
      • Individual campaigns and personal organisations have now replaced party organisations
    • Decline of Parties was Exaggerated
      • Still control the Presidency no independent or 3rd party has come close
      • Still dominate state governments
      • They still totally control both house of Congress and all decisions were made through the party system there
    • The Parties have restored their control over party policy
      • Six for '06 Democratic programme
      • Pledge to America Republican programme in 2010
    • The Parties have Increased their Control Presidential Nominations
      • New rules in 2012 in the Republican Party spread primaries throughout the year, restricting winner takes all
      • In the 80s Super Delegates were added to the National Convention
        • Party officials and leaders who now make up 1/6 of the delegates now play a role in choosing the Presidential candidate


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