Political Parties

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  • Does the UK now have a multiparty system?
    • NO
      • The Labour and Conservative Parties are the only parties that have a realistic chance of forming a government or being the senior partner in a coalition at Westminster.
      • Even in 2015, Labour and the Conservatives secured 67.2% of the popular vote, winning 86.5% of the 650 seats contested.
      • The success of parties such as the BNP at second-order elections has proved fleeting. The Green Party has failed to add its single Commons seat.
      • Of the parties that contested seats across inland Britain in 2015, the Liberal Democrats finished with 22.5% of the vote and 224 seats behind Labour.
    • YES
      • In the 2015 general election, 13.5% of UK voters backed parties other than the 'big two'.
      • In some parts of the UK, such as Scotland, there is genuine multiparty competition for elected office.
      • Although parties such as UKIP, the Green Party and the BNP have struggled to secure parliamentary representation at Westminster, they have achieved success in second-order elections.
      • Any party that was able to mobilise non-voters would stand a chance of winning the election - in the 2015 general election, that was 33.3% of registered voters.


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