features and functions of a party

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  • Political Parties
    • An organisation of people with similar political views which creates their goals and they seek to obtain govt office
    • Features
      • Same views
      • Seek to secure electorate local or national
      • organisation that develops policy
    • Function
      • policy formation
        • Develop politics and programmes in power
          • manifestos
      • Representation
        • represent an area of society or regional area
          • Labour working glass
      • Selection of candidates or leaders
        • selects best people for office for all levels
          • prime minister and cabinet roles
      • Organise election
        • publish  election problems, make debates and inform us on elections
          • tv adverts
      • Education
        • inform us on policy changes/additions and political issues
          • reports
      • providing conseny
        • ensures population agrees to current system
          • election
    • How do these vary?
      • uk labour has lots of people but us has small members
      • highly organised or less permanent organisation
      • Narrow views like left wing or very large range like conservatives
      • focus on power or focus on influence


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