Plate Boundaries

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  • Constructive
    • where two plates are moving apart
    • 1.molten rock rises from the mantle to fill the gaps between the two plate
    • 2.This forms a mid ocean ridge
    • As it breaks through the overlying crust it causes earthquakes
    • On reaching the surface it forms volcanoes
    • Plate Boundaries
      • Destructive
        • where two plates are moving towards one another
        • When two continental plates meet there is no subduction.
        • 1.When the plates meet a deep ocean trench is formed
        • 2.The oceanic plate is denser so it is subducted beneath the continental plate
        • 3.Oceanic plate moves downwards so it melts to create magma
      • Conservative
        • two plates move alongside each other
        • Friction between the plates causes earthquakes
        • no land is created or destroyed


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