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  • Plants
    • Germination
      • Water enters through the micropyle
      • causes the cotyledons to burst through the testa
      • Amylase digests starch into maltose
      • Protease digests protein to amino acids
      • Both products are soluble, so diffuse to the embryo plant.
      • Glucose is used in respiration, so the seed loses some dry mass.
    • Parts of the plant
      • Hilium - the first part of the seedling
      • Testa - the thick out "shell" of the plant
      • Micropyle - The thin part of the seed at the top
      • Plumule - will grow into a shoot
    • Germinating seed parts
      • Plumule - Inside - the base of the Radicle
      • Radicle - the tip of the shoot
      • Cotyledon - the energy supply
      • Testa - the thick outer coating
    • Cross vs self pollination
      • Self polination
        • Advantages
          • No reliance on other plants
          • Produces less gametes, thefore saving energy/less pollen
          • Genetically similar to the parent, so adapted to the enviroment
        • DisAdvantages
          • Genetically similar - mutations and diseases are passed on
          • Less variation to adapt to changes
      • Cross pollination
        • Advantages
          • More variation in offspring - better adaption
          • Mutations have a less chance of being passed on
        • Dis advangaes
          • Reliant on other plants - non in the area = no fertilisation
          • can only be pollinated by insects or other pollinating animals


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