Plant adaptations, Biology part 2

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  • Plant Adaptations
    • Plants are adapted too
    • Adaptations to hot and cold environments
      • Northern pine forests
        • Conditions
          • For much of the winter the water in the soil
      • Temperate forests
        • Conditions
          • Cold + not much light in winter; sunny +moist in summer
        • Adaptations
          • Leaves fall from trees in autumn-not much light for photosynthesis, leaves no function in winter
            • Leaves larger surface area to make most of the summer sun
              • Wax thinner on leaf surface as there is plentty of water in soil for most of year
    • Adaptations to dry environments
      • The acacia tree is common on African savannah, These trees areheavily grazed by animals such as giraffes. Adaptations: large thorns- discourage giraffes, thorns provide a home to colonies of stinging ants, leaves release poisonous chemical which giraffes dislike.


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