plant tissues

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  • plant tissues
    • epidermal tissues
      • waxy cuticle (top layer of leaf)
        • reduces water loss from leaf
      • guard cells and stomata
        • guard cells open and close the stomata to control water loss
        • allow for gas exchange (o2 and co2)
    • palisade mesophyll
      • palisade cells
        • cells near the top surface of the leaf that are packed with chloroplasts that contain chlorophyll
        • both adaptations maximise photosynthesis
    • spongy mesophyll
      • air spaces in the leaf between cells
        • increased surface area for gas exchange so that co2 can diffuse into photosynthesising cells
    • xylem
      • transpiration- dead cells
      • carry water and minerals
      • flows in one direction
      • cell walls strengthened by lignin
    • phloem
      • translocation -living cells
      • carries glucose
      • flows in both directions
      • cells have end plates with holes
    • meristem tissue
      • new cells are made here including root hair cells
      • can differentiate into any cell type throughout the life of a plant


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