Physics: 1a

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  • Physics: 1a
    • Infrared Radiation
      • objects hotter than surroundings, emit more radiation
        • objects cooler, absorb more radiation
      • dark, matt surfaces absorb more radiation in a given time
        • light, shiny surfaces reflect radiation
    • Conduction
      • mainly occurs in solids
      • vibrating particles pass on extra kinetic energy to neighbouring particles.
      • faster in dense materials; particles are closely packed
      • materials with large gaps between particles areinsulators
      • metals conduct well due to free electrons
    • Convection
      • only occurs in liquids and gases
      • when more energetic particles move from hot to cold region
        • take heat energy with them
    • Condensation
      • when a gas cools, the particles have less kinetic energy
      • attractive forces pull the particle closer together
        • making the gas a liquid


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