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  • Physics
    • Mechanics
      • Speed=distance/time
      • Average Speed=Total distance/total time
    • Static Electricity
      • When matrials are rubbed together, the material that loses electrons is positively  charged
        • The material that gains electrons is negatively charged!
      • Charged atoms are called ions
      • Charges are the same-
      • Charges are opposite+
      • One is charged and one is not-
    • Current+voltage in circuits
      • Electric current is the flow of electric charge
      • Calculate the size+ flow of the current
        • Current i=q/t    i=amps(current) q=coulombs t=time
      • potential difference  v=w/q  v=volts  w=joules q=coulombs (charge)
      • If volts are in opposite directions then current is 0V. If they are in the same direction then you add them together.
      • Resistance R=IxV        Volts=  ampsXresistance (ohms)
      • Power (W) =energy(J) / time (s) Power= Current (a)x volts
    • Electricity
      • Resistor= Directly proportional
      • Diode= high resistance in one direction
      • High temp-low resistance-more current flow
        • Low temp-high resistance-less current flow
      • Filament lamp = swerve
      • Blue=left Green = right striped= top


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