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  • Physics:2b
    • Static electricity
      • when certain insulating materials are rubbed together, electrons are transferred from one to the other.
        • resulting in a +charged material, and one - charged
          • charged objects can attract other objects, that are near them.
      • polyethene rod rubbed with cloth; rod becomes negative
      • Acetate rod rubbed with cloth, rod becomes positive.
    • Current and Potential difference
      • current- flow of electric charge around a circuit
        • only flows through a component if there is potential difference across the component
        • measured in ampere/ amps
        • current(amps)= charge (coulombs)/ time(seconds)
    • Circuits
      • symbols
      • Test circuits are used to test components or make V-I graphs.
        • ammeter, component and resistor placed in series/ main circuit, NOT IN PARALLEL.
        • voltmeter placed in parallel, near the component under test
    • Potential difference- current graphs (v-I)
      • shows how current varies as pd is changed
      • current through a resistor (at a constant temp) is directly proportional to current.
        • resistance= 1/gradient
    • diodes
      • made from semi conductors eg. silicon
      • used to regulate pd in circuits


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