Physics -Forces

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  • Forces
    • Contact and Non-contact forces
      • Scalar quantities only have magnitude and no direction.
        • Examples are: speed; distance; mass; temperature; time ect.
      • Vectors have magnitude and direction.
        • Examples are: force; velocity; displacement; acceleration; momentum ect,
      • Forces are either contact or non-contact forces.
        • Contact forces are when two objects have to be touching for a force to act.
        • Non-contact forces are when the objects don't need to be touching for the force to act.
      • When two objects interact, there is a force produced on both objects. An interaction pair is a force that is equal and opposite and acts on two interacting object.
    • Resultant forces and Work Done
      • A resultant force is the overall force on a point or object.
      • Work Done = Force x Distance moved along the line of action of the force
      • When a force moves an object through a distance, energy is transferred and work is done on the object.
      • W(J) = F(N)s(m)
    • Forces and Elasticity
      • Stretching; compressing or bending transfers energy
      • Extension is directly proportional to force unless the force is great enough.
      • F=ke


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