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  • physics
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  • Physics
    • contact and non-contact
      • If two objects have to touch each other to feel a force the forces are called contact forces
      • magnetism, static electricity and gravity
      • examples include friction ,air, resistance, tension, thrust
    • work done
      • forces can change the length of an object like a spring
      • force = spring constant x extension
      • energy transferred equals work done
    • gravity and centre of mass
      • weight= mass x GFS
      • weight=(N), mass=(kg), GFS=(N/kg)
      • weight is measured in newtons and weight is measured using newtonmetre
    • forces and elasticity
      • forces=(N), spring constant=(N/m),  extension=(m)
      • this stops working when the forces is great enough
      • when you apply a forces to an object you may cause it to stretch
    • vectors and scalars
      • vectors have magnitude and direction
      • scalars: speed, distance, time, temperature
      • vectors: forces, velocity, displacement, acceleration, momentum
    • required practical - stretching a spring
      • when a force moves an object through a distance, energy is transferred and work is done on the object.
      • consider the horizontal and vertical directions separately
      • state the size and direction of the resultant force
  • force = spring constant x extension


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