Physics- Topic 1

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  • Waves
    • Transverse- particials move at right angles to direction of wave travel
    • Physics
      • Refracting Telescope
        • REAL IMAGE= projected
        • VIRTUAL IMAGE= not projected
        • Eyepiece- magnifies image to fill the eye.
        • Untitled
      • Galileo
        • Geocentric= earth centred  !WRONG!
          • Galileo did not prove this.
        • Heliocentric=  sun centred   !RIGHT!
          • Galileo proved this     1. four moons of Jupiter       2. he used a refracting telescope
    • Longitudinal-  particials move parallel to direction of wave travel
    • Refraction- deep to shallow or dense to less dense= speed slows down and wavelength deecreases


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