Physical Resources - Business Studies - BS1

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  • Physical Resources
    • Land
      • This may be purchased, leased or rented. Some types of businesses will require a lot of land. Other may lease property or may require no land.
      • Issues regarding land
        • Cost
        • Type
        • Amount
        • Availability
        • Access
        • Environmental factors
    • Raw Materials
      • Materials which are used by businesses to manufacture other goods or help them to provide services
      • The amount and types of raw materials needed will vary from business to business
      • Examples - oil, coal, wood, crops etc.
    • Machinery
      • Various businesses require different types and amount of machinery according to their operations.
    • Equipment
      • Businesses require a variety of equipment in order to run their operations efficiently
    • Vehicles
      • There are many examples of vehicles a business may need and the amount and type will vary from business to business.
      • For example, a sole trader painter & decorator may only need one van, whereas Tesco would have a fleet of vehicles.
    • Energy
      • Businesses require different sources of energy to operate properly


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