Coastal processes

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  • Physical processes (coast)
    • Weathering
      • Mechanical
        • Eg. Freeze thaw
      • Biological
        • eg.action of plant roots and animals
      • Chemical
        • eg. Limestone dissolved by carbonation
    • Erosion
      • Abrasion
        • Stones, pebbles and sand thrown by breaking waves
      • Hydraulic action
        • impact/ weight of waves
          • during storms
        • waves compress air in joints in rocks
      • Attrition
        • Rocks and pebbles carried by waves rub together and break into smaller pieces
      • Solution
        • chemical action of seawater dissolves some rocks
    • longshore drift
      • beach sediment transported across coast by waves
    • transport
      • traction
        • Large boulders rolled along sea bed
      • saltation
        • smaller stones bounced along sea bed
      • suspension
        • Small particles carried by flow
      • solution
        • Some minerals are dissolved in sea water
    • Deposition
      • constructive waves
        • sheltered spots
        • calm conditions
        • gentle gradient offshore causing friction


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