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  • Photosythesis
    • Carbon dioxide + water-> glucose + oxygen
      • Light energy is absorbed by chlorophyll in chloroplasts
      • plant cells and algae
      • Oxygen= by-product that is given off as a gas
    • Limiting factors
      • Light Intensity
        • On graph if gradient is positive then it is a limiting factor. When gradient = 0 there is another limiting factor.
          • Carbon dioxide concentration
          • Temperature
            • Enzymes denature if temperature is too high
      • Temperature
        • Enzymes denature if temperature is too high
      • Carbon dioxide concentration
    • Use of glucose in plants
      • Produces cellulose; makes up cell walls
      • Produces fats and oils
      • Makes proteins
        • Nitrogen is also needed to make proteins
          • Nitrate ions are absorbed from the soil.
      • Can be converted into starch for storage
      • Can be used during respiration


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