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  • Photosynthesis
    • Basic Facts
      • Reactants
        • Water
        • Carbon Dioxide
      • Products
        • Glucose
        • Oxygen
      • It is an endothermic reaction
        • Needs energy from the environment
          • Energy comes from sunlight
    • Uses of Glucose
      • Lipids/oils
        • Used for cell membranes
      • Respiration
      • Amino Acids
        • Makes proteins
      • Other Sugars
        • Such as fructose in fruit
      • Cellulose
        • Strengthens cell walls
      • To make starch
        • Insoluble
        • Used for respiration at night
    • Transpiration
      • Carries water and minerals
        • Water needed for photosynthesis
        • Minerals needed for making proteins
        • Water needed to keep cells turgid
          • Cells can then support the plant
        • Evaporation of water in the Summer keeps the plant cool
      • Root hairs take in the water by the process of osmosis
        • Water moves from cell to cell until it reaches the xylem vessels
          • Water is sucked up through the vessels. It passes into the leaves through the leaf veins. Water evaporates from leaf cells and escapes through the stomata.
    • Translocation
      • The movement of substances around the plant.


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