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  • Photosynthesis
    • Carbon Dioxide
      • +
        • Water
          • ----->
            • Glucose
              • +
                • Oxygen
                  • 6O2
              • C6H12O6
            • Light
          • 6H20
      • 6CO2
    • Endothermic reaction
      • Transfers energy from the environment to the chloroplasts by light
    • Rate of photosynthesis
      • Anything that limits photosynthesis can be the limiting factor
        • This is the thing that is stopping photosynthesis happening any faster,
      • It can be affected by:
        • Temperature
          • This is often limiting in winter
          • This needs to be at the right temperature
            • If it is too low the enzymes work more slowly,
            • If it is too hot the enzymes are damaged.
              • This happens at around 45C
        • Light intensity
          • This is  limiting at night
        • Carbon Dioxideconcentration
          • If it is warm and bright enough this is often limiting factor.
        • Amount of chlorophyll
          • If  a plant is affected by a disease the chloroplasts could be damaged or not produce chlorophyll
    • Plant uses of glucose
      • Respiration
      • Converted into insoluble starch for storage
      • Used to produce fat or oil for storage
      • Used to produce cellulose for cell walls
      • Used to produce amino acids for protein synthesis


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