Pharmacy Ethics and Law

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  • Pharmacy Ethics/Law
    • Ethics: Study of moral choices.
      • Pharmacy Ethics: Medical ethics that aims to maintain patient safety  and public confidence.
    • The 4 Bioethical Principles
      • Autonomy: Self-determination, freedom to act independently.
      • Beneficence: Promote well-being of others, encompasses medical paternalism.
      • Justice:  Treat cases in similar ways, same respect for all patients and district the same healthcare resources.
      • Non-Maleficence: Avoid harm, justification for acts and omissions
    • Ethical Decision-Making framework:
      • 1. Recognise moral issue
      • 2. Gather all relevant info.
      • 3. Identify the type of ethical problem
      • 4. Analyse the problem
      • 5. Explore the solutions make decision
      • 6. Asses and reflect
    • Main types of Law in the UK
      • Statue Law: Act of parliament
      • Public Law: Involves the state or government; defines the boundaries of acceptable conduct
      • Criminal Law: A crime is an act against criminal law with criminal intent. Prosecution is made by the Crown Prosecution service.
      • Administrative Law: Controls how public bodies and individuals (NHS/community contractors should run)
      • Professional Law: Law allowing the disciplining of professionals
      • Common Law and civil Law: Duties and and obligations between citizens. This relates to specific circumstances  when legislation does not exist.
    • Tort: A wrongful act committed against another person.
      • Negligence: Supplying the wrong drug to a patient
        • Duty :Something that is owed to the patient
          • Breach:Not conforming to  the professional standards of care.
            • Causation: Patient suffers harm as a result of the defendants actions
    • Medicines Act 1968: Governs the control of medicines for human use.
    • Human Medicines Regulation2012: Regime for the authorisation of medicinal products for human use.
      • For there, sale/supply, labelling and advertising.
      • Covers:Definition of a medicinal product, safety, quality,GSL, P, POM clinical trials and more,
    • MHRA:  Licensing, manufacturing, wholesale dealing, import/export and clinal trials.
      • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
    • GPhC:  Registration, operation, and inspection-pharmacy premises.
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