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  • Perspectives on religion
    • Functionalism
      • Durkheim - religion binds people together like 'social cement', provides a set of moral values that form the collective conscience, ensuring social stability
        • Totenism - all societies are divided up into sacred and profane , they were worshipping the clan - collective worship plays a crucial part in the continuation of society- reinforces social solidarity.
      • Parsons- helps people to deal with 'life crisis', which would otherwise produce anomie .
    • Marxism
      • Marx- used as a tool to keep the masses at bay. Acts as a social opium. Church tell them god will reward their suffering.
      • Althusser- ideological apparatus. Working class is brainwashed into accepting social class inequalities(false consciousness).
    • Neo - Marxism
      • Gramsci- To keep a strong hold on society, ruling class has to persuade the masses that the system is fair(hegemony).They could challenge the status quo.
    • Social action theory
      • Religion is used to make sense of day to day life e.g. might explain why some good people die young.


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