Personality Disorders

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  • Personality Disorders
    • Cluster A- odd/eccentric
      • paranoid, schizotypal, schizoid
        • paranoid- irrational suspicions and mistrust
          • avoid close relationships, blame others
        • schizoid- lack of interest in social relationships
          • 'loners', not affected by praise or criticism
        • schizotypal- odd behaviour and thinking
          • exhibit eccentric behaviour through thinking and communication
          • may believe they have extra sensory abilities- interested in astrology and alien abduction
    • Cluster B- dramatic/emotional
      • anti-social personality, BPD, narcissistic, histronic
        • antisocial- pervasive disregard for law
          • linked with criminal behaviour, must be 18+, lack of remorse. Linked with psychopath/sociopath
        • BPD- instability in relationships, self-identity, image and behaviour
          • fear of abandonment and rejection. possible self-harm and drug abuse reliance
        • histronic- pervasive attention-seeking behaviour, shallow/exaggerated emotions
          • dramatic behaviour, create scenes to be centre of attention
        • naricssistic- pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration
          • exploitation, entitlement and lack of empathy. poor relationships
    • Cluster C- anxious/fearful
      • avoidant, dependent, OCD
        • avoidant- social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy
          • fearful of criticism, disapproval and rejection
        • dependent- pervasive psychological dependence on others
          • submissive, clinging behaviour, passive
        • OCD- rigid conformity to rules and moral codes; excessive orderliness
          • attention to detail, stick to rules and schedules, hoard money, stubborn
    • Categorical Approach
      • DSM 5


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