Peer review and psychology and the economy

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  • Peer review/ Psychology and the economy
    • Peer review
      • A study is reviewed independently by an expert in the same field
      • Before study is published to ensure accuracy
      • Ensures all work is correct
      • Ensures work is unbiased and objective
      • Ensures work is measured consistently/ variables controlled
      • Ensures work is free from ethical issues
      • Ensures work is not plagiarised and original
      • Published work remains high quality, nothing gets into public domain that shouldn't
    • Psychology and the economy
      • How psychological research may benefit economy
      • How society can benefit, how money can be saved through findings
      • Treatments for mental illness: cost-effective treatments save money for NHS. Patients able to return to work.
      • Attachment role of father: Children can form multiple attachments, many couples share childcare and can both work


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