Peace and Justice - Keywords

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  • Peace and Justice Keywords
    • Conditional Pacifism
      • The idea that although violence is wrong, in principle it is unavoidable
        • eg. self-defence
    • Protection
      • Taking action to protect society from the criminal's antisocial behaviour
    • Deterrence
      • A punishment
        • Designed to put other people off committing the same crime
    • Justice
      • Fairness in society and the world
    • Retribution
      • One of the six possible aims of punishment
        • Doing to the criminal what they did to someone else
    • Capital Punishment
      • Using death as a punishment for crime
        • Also known as the death penalty
    • War
      • When two countries attempt to resolve an issue through fighting
    • Pacifism
      • The idea that violence is wrong
    • Conscientious Objector
      • Someone who refuses to fight in a war on the basis of their conscience.
    • Vindication
      • A punishment which demonstrates the need to respect the law and the justice of punishment
    • Reform
      • A punishment to help the criminal become a responsible member of society once their punishment is over.
    • Absolute Pacifism
      • The idea that violence is wrong, even if used for self-defence
        • Or for a cause most people would consider justifiable


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