Passive + Active Playes

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  • Passive Player
    • An opponent who puts you under little/no pressure and is not attempting to gain possession/win points
    • Beifits
      • • I am under little pressure and I can concentrate on performing the skills
      • I could get used to performing skills in game-like situations
      • • I could get used to performing skills with a defender close to me
    • Example
      • Activity ? Basketball
        • Skill/Technique ? Lay-up
          • • As I dribbled the ball towards the basket, the defender got between me and the basket so that I had to beat him to shoot
    • How the use of active players helped your development of theskill/technique
      • I was able to practise in a game-like situation and learn to shoot/score when under pressure
    • Avoiding Fatigue
      • I practised for 5 minutes and then took a 2 minute rest before practising again


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