Parliamentary Law Making

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  • Parliamentary Law Making
    • Influences on Parliament
      • Political
        • Advantages
          • Proposals will be known
          • Majority governments - easier to get legislation through
        • Disadvantage
          • Laws can be repealed
        • e.g. minority government
      • Public Opinion and Media
        • Advantages
          • Free press
          • Highlights issues
        • Disadvantage
          • Manipulation - biased to one party?
          • Law made in hurry due to public attention
        • e.g. dangerous dogs act, hurried and law didn't work
      • Pressure Groups
        • Advantages
          • Highlights a range of issues
        • Disadvantage
          • Cause pressure groups imposing will on everybody (small section of society, not everyone agrees with them)
          • Conflict of interests (different beliefs)
        • e.g. league against cruel sports
        • sectional - represent a section of society - more exclusive eg trade unions
        • cause - fight for a cause or value for everyone! (not just a certain section of society)
      • Lobbyists
        • Advantages
          • Raises issues
          • Open to all
        • Disadvantage
          • Cash for questions (money has more influence)
        • e.g. cash for questions scandal - al fayad family lobbying with money having more influence
    • Reformation of the House of Peers
      • begun in late 1990s
      • currently 92 hereditary peers
      • over 600 life peers
      • hereditary peer - someone who inherits their title. not elected
      • Life peer - appointed a title only for lifetime, cannot be inherited
    • House of Commons and House of Lords
      • 650 seats in house of commons
      • need over 350 seats for a majority gov
      • house of commons - elected mps
      • house of lords/peers - non elected hereditary and life peers
        • unfair - in reform


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