Ozymandias - Power and Conflict

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  • Ozymandias
    • Form
      • Poem written in a sonnet form
      • Doesn't follow regular sonnet rhyme. Reflects that human power and structures can be destroyed
      • Uses iambic pentameter but this is often disrupted
      • Story is a second hand account which distances the reader from the dead king
    • Structure
      • Narrator builds up image of statue and focusses on different parts.
      • Poem ends by describing the sheer size if desert making statue seem insignificant
    • Irony
      • Statue seen as symbol of temporary power.
      • Belief that it's possible to overturn social and political power
      • Use of irony reflects hatred and oppression
    • Percy  Bysshe Shelley
    • Language
      • Poem focusses on the power of     Ozymandias, shows human power.
        • His power has been lost
        • Power only visible because of art
      • Nature has ruined statue
        • Nature and time have more power
      • Agressive language used
  • Context
  • Shelley was a romantic poet.
  • Disliked monarchies, absolute power and oppression of ordinary people
  • Views inspired by French Revolution


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