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  • Ozymandias
    • Form
      • Sonnet
      • Doesn't follow typical sonnet rhyme scheme
      • Reflects human power and destroyed structures
      • Uses disrupted Iambic Pentameter
      • Second hand accouht
      • Distances reader from the dead king
      • Volta in line 9
    • Structure
      • Builds image of statue by focusing on different parts
      • ENDING- describes enormous desert
      • Sums up insignificance of statue
    • Irony
      • Nothing left to show for ruler's arrogant boasting/civilisation
      • Ruined statue represents symbol for temporary nature of political power or human achievement
      • Reflects hatred of oppression
      • King's belief that it is possible to overturn social and political order
    • Language of Power
      • Focuses on power of Ozymandias
        • Human power which has been lost due to the power of art
      • Nature and time have more power than anything else
    • Angry Language
      • Tyranny of ruler suggested through aggressive language


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