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Animal rights, environment

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  • Our World
    • How do Christians and Jews care for the world?
      • Christian and Jews think it's important to care for the environment as it's responsibility from god.  Story of creation means humans in charge of the world and resources. - Dominion
    • Judaism and the Environment
      • Jews believe they have a duty to look after the world, which is only loaned to humans. Many ways Jews will carry out their responsibilities.
      • Jewish National Fund is an example.
    • The Jewish National Fund
      • Charity that supports Isral. Main aim to supply water and develop land there. Money raised provides clean water, plants new trees, recycling systems, builds roads, provides housing and healthcare centres.
      • Money raised helped rebuild Jewish homeland.
    • Animal Rights
      • Treated differently by different cultures and countries. Organisations in UK for animal rights however some people use them for experiments to improve medicene. Some cultures keep animals as pets and think they should be treated with respect, others don't.
      • Animals provide a range of things in the Western world; companionship, working to help humans, help sustain a balanced environemnt, used for food in most parts of word.
      • Christianity
        • Animals are a part of God's creation should be treated with care n respect, humans shouldn't abuse animals, show kindness to animals is thanking God. Christians don't know if animals have souls or not. Animals can benefit us, animal experiments are ok if it benefits us.
      • Judaism
        • Jews believe it's important to care for animals as they're part of God's creation, humans given responsibility as stewards to look after animals, Jews follow special food laws. Eat animals tha thave been slaughtered in a certain way called Schechitah. Experiments on animals tolerated if result in a benefit for us.


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