Exchange of materials- OSMOSIS

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  • Osmosis
    • Osmosis
      • Partially permeable cell membranes let water move across them
      • Dilute solution of sugar- high concentration of water, low of sugar
      • Concentrated sugar solution- low concentration of water, high of sugar
      • Cytoplasm
        • Made of chemicals dissolved in water inside partially permeable bag of cell membrane
        • Concentrated solution-sugars and salts
        • Water moves from high to low concentration of water molecules across membrane
    • In animals
      • Cell uses up water in chemical reactions-> cytoplasm-> more concentrated
      • If solution out of cell is more dilute than in the cell, water will move into cell by osmosis-> cell will swell + burst
      • If solution out of the cell is more concentrated than in the cell, water moves out of the cell-> cytoplasm-> too concentrated-> cell shrivels
    • In plants
      • Water moves into plant cells-> vacuole swells + presses cytoplasm against plant cell walls-> pressure-> cell is hard and rigid
        • To keep leaves and stems firm + rigid!!
      • Surrounding fluids need to be dilute solution of chemicals (more water) than the cytoplasm of cells


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