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  • Osmosis
    • Osmosis is the movement of water molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration through a selectively permeable membrane
    • A turgid plant cell gives the plant structure and is essential in keeping plants upright
    • When a plant cell is stored in a sugar solution water moves out of the plant and into the solution by osmosis. The cell will lose turgor  and the membrane will pull away from the cell wall as the vacuole shrinks.
    • Plasmolysed- when the cell loses turgor and the membrane pulls away from the cell wall as the vacuole shrinks
    • When a plant is not turgid they are flaccid and because of the lack of water plants wilt
    • Transpiration is the water loss through leaves and is caused by diffusion out of the stomata.
    • Evaporation takes place through the stomata of leaves
    • The potometer measure the water uptake by a cut shoot.
    • Water uptake does not always equal water loss because some of the water entering the leaves is used and does not evaporate


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